Wheaton Arts Parade Now Accepting Submissions for 2021 Poster Contest

The art gallery invites Montgomery County students to design a poster for the 5th Annual Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival.

Wheaton Arts Parade Challenges Local Kids to Compete in Their 2021 Poster Contest
Photo Courtesy of Wheaton Arts Parade

Wheaton Arts Parade (WAP) is now accepting submissions from Montgomery County high school and college students for its annual poster contest. The winning design will be used on promotional material for its 5th Annual Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival in September 2021.

The contest is part of the art gallery’s ongoing initiative to involve teens in the local art scene. “Our mission is to bring the community together with art, and at the heart of any community are the kids, schools and parents,” says executive director Dan Thompson.

Students are encouraged to reach out to mentors—teachers, parents or artists—for advice and feedback on their design, which should celebrate art and Wheaton’s diversity.

The winner of the poster contest will receive a cash prize of $300 as well as $100 for art supplies for their school. The student will also team up with WAP’s graphic design artists to turn their creation into an image that will be used for the parade’s poster, T-shirt and program.

Although this year’s festivities were cancelled due to COVID-19, Thompson is confident there will be a celebration next September.

“Instead of a parade [in 2020], we had an outdoor public art installation, so no matter what happens in 2021, we’ll still be bringing art to the streets,” says Thompson.

To enter the Wheaton Arts Parade poster contest, click here. Submissions are due by Jan. 31, 2021.


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