Sophia Watkins: Lavender Land Steward

Photo courtesy of Sophia Watkins

Sophia Watkins is a third-generation Latino farm owner in the Montgomery County Agriculture Reserve. She owns Soleado Lavender Farm, a 30-acre refuge for pollinators.

“It’s something I started because I wanted to continue a legacy of land stewardship and sustainable agriculture in Montgomery County,” Watkins said. From 4,000 plants, lavender’s harvested and dried for products sold in the farm’s store, like essential oils.

Both artists, Watkins and husband Kevin met through their passion for creativity. Incorporating art in the farm’s events is “an important return for us.”

While the farm is closed to visitors, the online store remains open. “Coming out of COVID…there’s been so many challenges in just being open,” Watkins said.

The owners hope to host holiday sales and a mid-fall open house. Watkins expressed interest in photography events, painting and a small lavender festival. Lavender blooms in the months leading up to summer, with the best time to visit in the middle of June.

The farm also conducts internship programs for people in agriculture, such as environmental studies students. The interns get experience with the foundations of agriculture. “That’s sort of been something we’re expanding on,” Watkins said. “We want to offer more to those people.”



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