Robin Henoch: Advocate for Senior Adults

Courtesy of Robin Henoch

By Sasha Rogelberg

Robin Henoch started Always Best Care Senior Services in mid-Montgomery County nine years ago, having always valued the wellbeing of the elderly.

After she lost her job in finance, Henoch began to volunteer at the local Hebrew Home, where her great-grandfather’s wife, Pearl, lived.

“I just saw someone who needed a special visitor,” Henoch said.

She found joy in spending time with older adults who had much to impart about their lives and past experiences.

“I always had this passion for the elderly, and then little kids,” said Henoch, who started a memory cafe for the Alzheimer’s Association. “So it just felt right to me to go into senior care at that point in my life.”

In addition to being the owner of her Always Best Care franchise (which she regards as her own business), Henoch is also president of Grass Roots Organization for the Well-being of Seniors, for professionals who serve seniors to build a network of support for the seniors they serve.

As she oversees the work of GROWS and Always Best Care, Henoch has found that “every day is a new challenge.” She remembers one client in particular: an older woman in excruciating pain with daughters who didn’t know the best way to help their mother. Always Best Care helped provide hospice services. Though they only worked with the client for three days, the impact was profound.

“It helped mom to be calm and pass away peacefully,” Henoch said. “And each one of those daughters [sent] us a ‘thank you’ because they didn’t know what to do.”



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