Chevy Chase ranks 12th in country for best financial management, according to personal finance website

(Photo from Pexels)

The residents in Chevy Chase sure know their money, at least that’s what one personal finance website has found. The city ranked 12th nationally on a recent 2022 Best Cities at Money Management list. 

Wallethub conducted the survey by comparing 2,572 U.S. cities based on 10 key metrics including average credit score and mortgage debt-to-income ratio. The data for the metrics were collected from TransUnion in September 2021. 

The survey found that Chevy Chase citizens have a median credit score of 729, and an average number of late payments of 0.79. 

There’s a couple of MoCo cities that weren’t too far behind on the list. Bethesda came in 26th and Potomac placed 40th on the list. 

See the entire findings here

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