Call Your Mother Opens New (Old) Bagel Trolley in Bethesda

The popular D.C-based eatery is selling bagel sandwiches and coffee from an antique streetcar next to Suburban Hospital

Meet Honey, Call Your Mother's new pink and teal bagel trolley in Bethesda
Photo courtesy of Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother’s first mobile kitchen is not your average food truck. To start with, it’s actually an antique streetcar called Honey.

Yes, Honey.

Now, a trolley serving up fresh bagels in a suburban parking lot would be unique enough to spark some interest. But a bagel trolley in bright pink and teal, Call Your Mother’s iconic colors, can’t help but turn heads.

“We want everything we do to be fun and loud,” says co-owner Andrew Dana. “We wanted to do a food truck but make it a little crazier à la Call Your Mother.”

And it seems this new take on food truck dining is already a success. Honey officially opened today at 8 a.m. at 8804 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, next to Suburban Hospital, and was greeted by a line of hungry customers.

“It was awesome. We’ve gotten super positive response and are crossing our fingers that everything keeps going smoothly,” says Dana.

Call Your Mother is a self-described “Jew-ish deli” that specializes in all things bagel. Their flagship is in D.C’s Park View neighborhood and they have a second shop on Capitol Hill, but when COVID-19 hit, they started delivering to the suburbs and became more familiar with the neighborhood. Setting up in Bethesda gives them the opportunity to spread the bagel love and provides easier access to customers who live outside the District.

Call Your Mother’s local fans told Dana how glad they are that they no longer have to make the 30-minute trek into the city for their favorite bagels. Dana says Honey will soon start opening earlier in the morning in order to cater to hospital workers and other customers changing shifts.


Currently, Honey offers all of Call Your Mother’s bagel sandwiches along with coffee, sodas and juices. Employees wear masks, and the bagel trolley is equipped with contactless payment in order to keep with social distancing rules. Customers can preorder online and pick up their food at a table stationed next to the trolley.

“We want to put down roots in this space,” says Dana. “When the pandemic is over we’re definitely going to add outdoor seating and beautify the whole place.”

If all goes well, Honey will become a permanent Call Your Mother location and a fixture in the neighborhood.

Honey, by the way, was actually the antique streetcar’s original name when it was still a full-functioning trolley. It was also, coincidentally, Dana’s grandmother’s nickname. Call Your Mother kept the name to pay homage to the trolley’s history and to add a sentimental touch for Dana.

Call Your Mother’s bagel trolley is open every day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 8804 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda. For more information, visit their website at


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