Colorful Connections

Bold colors and playful patterns create continuity in this Chevy Chase home.


The owners of this newly constructed home in the heart of Chevy Chase wanted a fun, approachable and feel-good living space for their family. To create a cohesive design for the light-filled open-floor plan, designer Stephanie Bradshaw and her team looked to the young family’s appreciation for contemporary art, vibrant colors and elegant-casual style of living as inspiration.

“Functionality and color were two of the main things that Brooke Hollingsworth (a member of the design team) and I thought about when we were designing the space,” Bradshaw says. Playing off the homeowners’ penchant for the color blue, Bradshaw and Hollingsworth incorporated shades of blue throughout the main floor in furnishings and accent pieces, using unexpected patterns and textures for a playful touch of whimsy.

A velvety cerulean-hued sofa and cream-and-navy patterned side chairs add a cool pop of color to a small sitting room. The main living room reiterates the blue theme, where an Aegean Blue sofa sits across from the stately fireplace, and shades of blue appear in throw pillows, art and decorative objects. The color story continues in the kitchen with blue-gray tile backsplashes.

In addition to color, Bradshaw used patterns to create visual continuity from room to room. “Pattern play is one of the things our brand is really known for,” she says. “It’s a little bit of mixology coupled with art.”

Art for the Heart

Art gives this home undeniable character. Bradshaw and the homeowners worked with Patricia Berry of Merritt Gallery to curate the artwork collection. Selected works include a pair of blue and green color field paintings and a multihued Amy Donaldson painting.

Incorporating art into a home’s design pulls spaces together, according to Berry. When considering purchasing art for your home, she recommends buying art with which you feel an emotional connection.

“Find the piece that resonates with you. If you select art that makes your heart sing, it will be with you forever,” says Berry.

Design: Stephanie Bradshaw

Art Consultation: Merritt Gallery

Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg


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