Warrior Canine Connection Asks Veterans to Volunteer

The Boyds-based nonprofit is looking for veterans and recovering active duty military members to help train service dogs.

Warrior Canine Connection Asks Veterans to Volunteer
Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi via Unsplash

Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) is calling on Montgomery County veterans and military family members to “be a hero for a hero” by training service dogs for disabled veterans. The next eight-week service dog training program begins Monday, Jan. 18 at the nonprofit’s facility in Boyds.

However, disabled veterans are not the only beneficiaries of this program. WWC’s Mission Based Trauma Recovery model helps recovering veterans and active duty military members cope with post-deployment challenges. Training service dogs gives them a renewed sense of purpose, improves family relationships, reduces anxiety and prevents isolation.

Training takes place at WWC’s Healing Quarters in Boyds and includes teaching dogs basic obedience skills and retrieval commands, observing and coaching stress cue interventions, and exposing the dogs to different sights, sounds and people.

Interested volunteers can contact Emily McNeal, WCC’s training program manager, at [email protected].


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