Health + Wellness

Apple Watch and Heart Health

Editor’s Letter: A Healthy Heart

The February/March 2021 digital issue of Montgomery Magazine is now live.

Warrior Canine Connection Asks Veterans to Volunteer

The Boyds-based nonprofit is looking for veterans and recovering active duty military members to help train service dogs.
Winter Skin Advice

How to Relieve Your Winter Skin Woes

Rockville dermatologist Dr. Brenda L. Pellicane offers her expert advice on treating dry skin and more.
benefits of winter walking

The Health Benefits of Winter Walking

"Winter is not some time to hibernate," says the president of the Maryland Volkssport Association.
Hospice in the age of coronavirus

Hospice in the Age of Coronavirus

COVID-19 presents new challenges for Montgomery County hospices, but they are continuing to provide the same care for patients and families.
How to cope with COVID-19 Reentry Anxiety

How to Cope With Re-entry Anxiety During COVID-19

Feeling anxious about returning to "normal" life during a pandemic is understandable, but experts say there are ways to mitigate your fears.
George Zaidan, author of "Ingredients"

Bethesda native George Zaidan explores the science of packaged ingredients his first book

"Ingredients" offers a layman-friendly look at the strange chemistry of the products we consume and put on our bodies every day
Debi Schenk, founder of Park Potomac Yoga

Debi Schenk’s Flexible Career Move

How the Park Potomac Yoga founder got her groove back.
Peter F. Lowet, executive director of Mobile Medical Care (MobileMed)

Addressing the Growing Needs of MoCo’s Medically Underserved

The nonprofit organization MobileMed has evolved into a key element in the health care system for the underprivileged population.